SAVINI s.r.l. is a company that operates in the industrial production of bathroom furniture and accessories.
The productive plant and the administrative office are located in Castilenti, north Abruzzo region.
The production activities take place in the owned industrial factory, characterized by a covered area of 18,000 square meters.
The company ownership is composed by members of the Savini family.
Dr. Savini is the founder and the Director of the company, which started after a previous economic initiative in the early eighties.
The idea of dedicating to the production of bathroom furniture dates back to the same period, to satisfy the growing demand for furniture to be used in different environments than the traditional ones. This intuition was successful.
Today SAVINI s.r.l. is recognized as business reality leader in Italy for turnover and coverage of the sectoral market to which it belongs. The continuous search for cutting-edge production solutions, combined with a deep knowledge of supply markets, make the company able to offer products that fully meet the needs of the market with an excellent price / quality ratio. Production is entirely carried out within the company, which is organized according to a production cycle that it is exploded in the design /carpentry / painting / assembly / storage / logistics departments.
Caring of advanced industrial methodologies is proceeding in compliance with environmental issues and the safety of activities and workplaces. These company policies are found to be suitable for the achievement of system certifications, ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environment.Savini 60
The union of all the following company variables: the entrepreneurial contribution of the management, the passion and the experience of the workers involved in the production activities, the continuous attention to the markets and to the emerging news on a global level, make the Company SAVINI s.r.l. a solid economic reality and among the first in Italy in the sector to which it belongs.